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Hatten Wyatt assists family members who need to step in when things are not going well, which they may find very difficult, especially if they are dealing with their own child or sibling.

Parents and relatives need an understanding approach; from a specialist who will not only argue their case but who will also be able to give a realistic interpretation of the position. At Hatten Wyatt we are able to talk to parents with difficulties as well as the social workers or other professionals that they are dealing with. We will negotiate at meetings and where necessary argue the case in Court to make sure that there is a fair hearing as the Human Right Act expects. Solicitors at Hatten Wyatt will accept Court Appointments to look after the interests of children. Hatten Wyatt have accredited specialists in Child Law, representing parents, children, relatives and adopters. Hatten Wyatt holds a Legal Aid Franchise in respect of family work. Please contact us to see whether you would be eligible for public funding.

Specialist Contacts

Avril Croud
Phone: 01474 35 11 99
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Gordon Johnson
Phone: 01474 35 11 99
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What others say

" I would like to say a huge thank you for all the help and advice you gave me to get a contact order to see my grandchildren in Cardiff. Things are going well and I hope they will stay that way - but I will never be able to thank you enough for what you have done"

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